Dchessking Beginners

Welcome, and step into the gateway of forex for beginners!

If you’re here, you won’t be anywhere else!

You’re here because you intend to learn forex as a beginner.

Whether you’ve been referred here by someone, stumbled upon my name on the internet or YouTube, or chanced upon an article about me, your journey to this point holds purpose. Fate has guided you to encounter what was meant for you to see. Life has a way of presenting what you require precisely when you need it – and it’s no mere coincidence.


Embracing the world of forex trading is a commendable move, and the best part is, you’re embarking on this educational journey from the right path. Your financial and educational background is of no concern; my belief is in simplifying learning. The question of whether this could be a potential career will naturally unfold as you go into this journey together.

Gone are the days of intimidation by complex charts that appear akin to mathematics. Through my meticulously designed lessons, you’ll effortlessly grab these concepts. Imagine standing beside an experienced teacher at a whiteboard, guiding you through those intricate charts. That’s the essence of my approach – making the complex comprehensible.

You’ll receive comprehensive guidance, from foundational knowledge to advanced concepts, including up to 5 live sessions with me each month.

Now, why am I the ideal mentor for you?

I’m the mastermind behind the  Buy and Sell Power Concept, an unrivaled strategy that discerns the formation of imbalances. I’ve also pinpointed the pitfalls in trading supply and demand, enabling me to guide you away from such traps. Moreover, I’ve harnessed the potential of retail manipulation as a lucrative advantage – while others faced losses, I honed my skills to emerge profitable.

Here’s the secret: the market is transparent, but many overlook the intricacies and only see the surface excitement.

Remember, don’t approach this industry with greed. If you’re eager to learn from me, embrace my teachings and pair them with a sound risk appetite. If there’s one invaluable asset I’ll impart to you, it’s discipline, coupled with the key to market clarity.

Should you question my credentials, explore my reviews and go into my ideology. I’m not just a trader; I’ve been a successful businessman, managing private portfolios over the years. The title of “Money Genius” was earned through astute decisions in the financial realm. There’s a distinction between those who merely navigate the online landscape and those who wield ownership. One group is the tenant; the other, the proprietor. Do I own the internet? The internet is like an estate with myriad properties; you’ll soon discover my domain.

As a beginner, steer clear of internet gurus selling fabricated lifestyles. Much of the online world is deceptive, and falling into the trap of greed due to manufactured lifestyles isn’t the path to success.

Zedapex Academy

I’m also the visionary behind Zedapex Academy, a cornerstone in the African trading landscape, with offices established across three locations. Our stature isn’t just defined by infrastructure, but by the value we bring and the transformations we ignite in others.

👇 Witness a tour of our monumental trading institution in this captivating video below.